Can You Benefit from Litigation Solicitors in London

While the UK proudly boasts of an impartial and robust judicial system, citizens choosing to file and pursue lawsuits often find there are a number of social and financial costs with which to deal. Such costs can negatively impact all individuals involved in criminal or civil lawsuits in the following manners:

Financial Challenges

A comprehensive review conducted by the Ministry of Justice found that the cost of litigation in the UK is often disproportionately distributed in some legal areas. This results in 36% of adult citizens still having unresolved legal matters and most of these involved small debt claims that, if pursued, would cast more to resolve through the court system. According to the explanation offered by the Ministry of Justice, even with after-the-event (ATE) insurance, before-the-event insurance and so-called conditional fee agreements (CFAs) have proven unsatisfactory with the imposition of disproportionate costs being placed on defendants.


Even with this shifting of costs, there is no guarantee of 100% reimbursement of litigation expenses with the existence of legal and practical limitations placed on the amount of money winning parties can recover from those who lose the case. It is customary in the UK that losing parties must pay the legal costs for the winning parties. This practice is known as “cost shifting”. This is why many often seek alternative methods for resolving potentially litigious issues.

Social Burden

The Center for Policy Studies published research finding that litigation is in fact fostering the adoption of repressive bureaucracy and defensive practices while eroding professional autonomy and innovation. In some instances, some UK physicians avoid performing procedures that have been deemed groundbreaking or too risky out of fear they might be sued if the procedures fail. This rise of a litigious society is eroding trust throughout Britain and warped the notion of what is acceptable and normal behavior.

Future of Litigation

It is fortunate that many litigants have begun to settle out-of-court. The NHS alone reported that 63,804 lawsuits were filed between April 2001 and March 2011 and 45% of these were satisfactorily settled out of court. Another 38% of claimants during this period abandoned their claims.


Individuals suffering harm from another person or organization have the right to pursue legal redress by way of the courts. Nevertheless, this can be costly in terms of social and financial loss. Litigation solicitors in London offer citizens another, less expensive solution for reaching an acceptable and amicable conclusion to the matter without going to court. Contact StrainKeville now for more information about this process.