Get Oriented with Pbs Dependent Visa

There are different routes one can take to settle and work in the UK. One of them is by becoming a PBS dependent thus he must have a PBS dependent visa. When you are able to enter the UK through this route, you are then tagged as PBS dependent.

Compared to the main applicants or to those who take different routes, different rules and rights are applied to PBS dependents. They also need to follow a different path when it comes to ILR. This is a complicated thing though thus if you have a hard time understanding all those rules and rights, you should seek out agencies online that can guide you through this.

Note that ignorance of the law will never be considered worldwide especially that there is now more free information one can get online and there are also so many entities that you can ask information from.


Here are some of the rights applied for those who went through tier 1 and tier 2 routes PBS dependents:

1- Most of the time, you can work full time in this country without any restrictions. Aside from that, you might not be required to undergo any training if you are a doctor, dentist or sports
2- After spending 5 straight years in the UK, you will be eligible for ILR. You have to show proof of cohabitation,
3- While you are still in the UK, you are not entitled to any benefits because that will be a breach of the immigration permission being a PBS dependent.
4- You can study while in the UK full time. However, you still need to pay international university fees.
5- The partners and children of the PBS dependent can also be considered as PBS dependents.

These are just some of the rights applied when you are a PBS dependent. Again, there is so many information you can check online so that your right being a PBS dependent will not end. Aside from the online information, there are also agencies that can assist you when it comes to visa and ILR applications. You should seek their assistance, especially that this is quite a complicated process.

Even if this is said to be really complicated, you can still get through this with the assistance of the experts. So, seek out online for some of the agencies that can be of help.