Litigation Solicitors in London Can Help You Settle Outside of Court

Even though the judicial system within the UK is both impartial and robust, filing a lawsuit and pursuing it typically entails a number of social and financial expenses. Unfortunately, expenses such as these can have a negative impact on everyone involved in criminal or civil lawsuits such as:

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Financial Hardship

As per an in-depth review performed by the Ministry of Justice, UK litigation can be quite expensive and the related costs can be very disproportionate in certain legal areas. With this in mind, approximately 36 percent of UK adults have legal issues that are unresolved, primarily relating to small debt claims that would cost far more to have resolved through the courts system. Even CFAs or conditional fee agreements, before-the-event and after-the-event insurance are not satisfactory given that claimants can be saddled with an unfair portion of the costs. Moreover, shifting these expenses does not necessary guarantee a 100 percent reimbursement of the costs of litigating these cases given that there are both practical and legal limitations on the amount of compensation that the successful party will be able to recover from the party that loses a case. The losing party in the UK typically pays the legal costs of the winner in a method that is known as cost shifting. For these and other reasons, it is often best to seek alternative solutions to issues that are potentially litigious.

Social Burdens

The Center for Policy published research that suggests that litigation has proven to stifle innovation which has in turn encouraged the adoption of bureaucracy that is repressive, along with the adoption of defensive practices that are eroding the autonomy of professionals. As an example, doctors throughout the UK often avoid performing medical procedures that are deemed groundbreaking or high risk, given that they’re afraid of being sued due to failure. This increasingly litigious culture has additionally had a negative impact on trust throughout the British society and has effectively warped what is considered to be normal and acceptable behaviour.

Litigation In The Future

Fortunately, a lot of litigants are opting to settle their cases outside of court with the NHS having reported that 45 percent of the more than 63k lawsuits that were filed between the months of April and March in 2001 were all settled outside of the court. Moreover, another 38 percent of these same claims were ultimately abandoned by their claimants.


When harmed by an organisation or individual, it is your right to appeal for legal redress through the courts. Doing so, however, could prove to be costly both socially and financially. The good news is that litigation solicitors in London may be able to help you obtain an amicable and acceptable solution outside of court. Get in touch with Strain Keville now to find out more about out of court settlements