London’s Leading Litigation Lawyers

Most legal issues deal with the question of litigation in some way, and if you need litigation lawyers London has plenty of reputable firms waiting to assist you. Of course, as a client you want the most favourable outcome for your case, and the chances are increased when you choose an experienced and competent litigation lawyer. This is especially important when you consider that most litigation cases are complex.

The process of litigation does not always mean that a case will go to trial, although a litigation lawyer will oversee a lawsuit through the court process and will see it to trial if needs be. Most litigation cases involve both a plaintiff and a defendant and are civil cases, and the litigation attorney also involves any mediation and settlement that takes place out of court.


One of the roles of a litigation attorney is to look at the evidence that is presented to them by the plaintiff and then make a decision as to whether the case should be pursued or not. If it is decided the case should be pursued, the attorney then does everything necessary to build a strong defense, including gathering together statements and talking to witnesses. The attorney will prepare the case for a potential court appearance, although at the same time will be ready to settle out of court. If a settlement is reached and the case doesn’t go to court, a jury won’t need to be selected.

The typical litigation lawyer will specialize in a particular aspect of the law, such as criminal law or the handling of wills, although there is nothing to stop a lawyer from taking as many cases as they like. As a potential client, you want to be assured that you have the best possible chance of a favourable outcome to your case, and one way to help ensure this is to use the services of a lawyer who specializes in the relevant area. Strain Keville is one of London’s leading law firms and has a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers waiting to assist you with your litigation case. If you have a legal issue, contact an expert and put your case in the right hands.


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